Friday, August 22, 2008

Linden Lab Gets Trademark for Second Life Credit Card

A recent post over at Massively reveals that virtual world technology company, Linden Lab, creators of the popular Second Life website, has been granted a trademark for their hand/eye logo to be used for a credit card.

Whether this Linden Lab credit card will only be used in virtual game play or real world situations is unknown but either way it's definitely raising eyebrows in the gaming world.

The trademark registration 3378449 states, "Online financial services, namely, offering a fictional-dollar-denominated credit card to charge online purchases".

Keep your eyes open for an official statement from Linden Lab.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Journey Begins

On paper, the goal is simple: Become debt free, buy a diamond ring, and marry the most beautiful woman God has ever created.

Her name is Rachel.

In reality, the road will be tough, stressful and will surely test our relationship on many, many different levels.

We've done the math. We've made a promise. And we're ready to begin.

My name is Moose and our mission is to go from DEBT TO DIAMONDS.

Enjoy our adventure.